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Skirting Boards Perth

Octopus is offering a full range of MDF skirting boards Perth (modern, classic), together with supply, painting and skirting boards installation services in all Perth WA areas. Experienced installers and painters are providing all of our services. (We do not use handyman).

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We will supply, skirting install and paint Skirting Boards from $5,99 per Lm in All Perth WA areas! Ours painted MDF Skirting Boards Perth WA adds style and elegance to any room, and we use only premium products.







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At Octopus Skirting Perth, you are our number one priority, ensuring we provide the best quality work specifically for you or your family! We care about our customers and want them to be satisfied, assured and relaxed. Our team will ensure that you are pleased and well informed about the best choice and the stages of your home improvement. Octopus Skirting Perth gives free quotes and colour consultation with decorative advice to allow our customers to become assured before the work begins. We offer a vast range of MDF skirting boards Perth supplied, painted and board installed for an affordable price. An effective yet stylish feature for your home’s interior that will improve design and quality throughout your whole house.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of MDF skirting boards?

There are many different shapes and profiles that vary in height, thickness and the material they are made of. Some types of MDF skirting boards, Lamb Tongue, Half Splayed, WA Federation and many more profiles.

What is primed skirting boards?

Primer is a product that allows the finishing coat of paint to adhere better and in general, makes it look and feel smoother.

Is primed MDF skirting boards waterproof?

No. Primed MDF skirting board is not waterproof and the same goes for all types of wood. However, some primed MDF skirting board is Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) but is still not waterproof.

Is primed MDF skirting board a softwood?

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is made out of wood fibres from hardwoods, softwoods and resins that make the wood fibres stick together.

What is polymer coated skirting boards?

Polymer skirting boards are coated with a polymer to give skirting boards a consistent, superior finish without the need to apply any paint.

How do you take skirting boards off the walls?

You need to cut the gap filler on the top of the skirting boards with a stencil knife, in order to prevent the paint from sticking to your skirting board. Then, with a hammer carefully tap a chisel or larger screwdriver between the wall and skirting boards, ensuring you start from one side and move along to the other – detaching the board as you go.

Does MDF skirting boards expand?

MDF skirting boards are like wood, so they will expand if there are drastic changes in temperature and humidity.

What is the Ogee skirting board?

Ogee skirting boards are one of the many MDF profiles available on the market.

Do you need to paint primed skirting boards?

Yes, you need to paint primed skirting boards with one coat of undercoat with a minimum of one coat of finish coat paint to ensure a perfect result.

Do skirting boards need undercoat?

Skirting boards need a layer of undercoat after you place a primer for maximum adhesion, durability and the best aesthetic result.

Do primed doors need undercoat?

Yes, doors need a layer of undercoat after you place a primer for maximum adhesion, durability and the best aesthetic result.

Does architrave have to match skirting board?

It depends upon preference, but matching architrave to your skirting boards would produce the best aesthetic look.

Should architrave and skirting boards be the same thickness?

The architrave and skirting boards should be the same thickness as it assists in an easier installation process and creates a better finishing look.

Is pine better than MDF (medium-density fiberboard)?

MDF does not warp or crack like pine and other types of wood. It also looks smoother when painted in comparison to pine and other woods.

What does MDF skirting board mean?

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard, it is a form of decorative batten which protects your walls from damage.

Skirting Boards prices?

Our prices are starting from $5.99 per linear meter for complete service, supply, installation and painting are included in our prices. Octopus Skirting Boards providing skirting boards services in all Perth WA areas, together with Mandurah and Bunbury areas.

Are your MDF skirting boards services insured?

Yes. All our work is fully insured and we are providing guarantee for all our skirting boards Perth services.

Skirting boards services Perth WA

Octopus Skirting & Decorating is company located in Perth, Western Australia. We are a sophisticated business that offers MDF skirting boards in a variety of designs and colours.

We are located on 550 Baldivis Road, 6171 Baldivis, Perth and our mobile number is 0414 733 984, as well as a toll-free number where you can contact us at any suitable time of the day: 1800 514 959.

Apart from the skirting boards, we specialise in supplying, painting and ensuring the best skirting boards installation all over Perth. We expand our service to all parts and surrounding areas of Perth, allowing you to access your perfect skirting boards without any trouble. With our long years of experience and professionalism, we strive to make our business the best in the region.

Using our experienced and skilled painters and installers, we provide all our services with a top quality guarantee. Our main services revolve around Skirting board painting as well as Skirting installation and skirting boards replacement.

Feel free to contact our business during company hours throughout the week from 7am to 10pm for all the information and advice you need.! Alternatively, you can also contact us on our email address: Our service areas include Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury.

Replace skirting boards with Octopus Skirting Boards Perth and add a touch of refinement and value to your home with expertly-crafted, installed and painted skirting boards that are guaranteed to enhance style and augment architecture with a look of complete perfection.

For the ideal interior and design, skirting boards that are installed with skilled precision and craftsmanship are a must. Octopus Skirting Boards Perth provides exceptional service when building, installing and painting MDF skirting boards Malaga that complement and reflect the character of your home and create a seamless and sophisticated transition between wall and floor.

We use only the finest materials and grades when crafting our skirting boards and take pride in performing installation and painting that achieves immaculate symmetry and finish while protecting your walls from damage and abrasion. Our expert tradesmen are more than qualified to assist you when choosing the ideal style of board to add a look of modeled design and finesse to your interior.

Octopus Skirting & Decorating offers a full-range of skirting board services including the supply, installation and painting of our proprietary top-quality MDF skirting boards as well as painting and finish services on any type of pre-existing skirting board right here in Perth, WA.

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MDF Skirting Boards sizes and our offer.

These skirting boards below come in the following sizes and shapes. Our prices are starting from $5.99 per LM for skirting boards supply, painting and installation package.

These are the most popular MDF Skirting board choices in Perth WA:

  • LAMB TONGUE 67_92_140 X 18
  • WA COLLONIAL 67_87 X 18
  • WA COLLONIAL 2 140_190 X 18
  • WA FEDERATION 65_80_125 X 18
  • BULLNOSE 67_92 X 18
  • DAR SQUARE DRESSED 42_67_92_117 X 18 – 30_42 X 18
  • BULL NOSE 67 x 18 , 92 x 18
  • 3 STEP 92 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • BEVELLED67 x 18 , 92 x 18
  • FEDERATION 80 x 18 , 125 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • BLADE 92 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • TALIA 140 x18
  • REPLICA 85 x 18
  • COVE 140 x 18
  • EDGE 150 x 18
  • STEP DECCO 85 x 18, 135 x 18
  • WA SINGLE BULLNOSE 67 x 18, 92 x 18
  • WA DOUBLE BULLNOSE 42 x 18, 67 x 18
  • NOSING 170 x 30, 170 x 25
  • CAPPING 170 x 25

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