How to choose the best paint for your skirting boards and doors

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Skirting Boards and Door Frames paint

Skirting boards, also called baseboards, are usually the wooden boards that cover the interior part of the wall that joins it to the floor skirting boards protect the wall from furniture, kicks, and abrasion. On the other hand, door frames, as the name suggests are frames onto which the doors of a house are fitted.

Skirting Boards Painting

Painting of the skirting boards and the door frames should be done with precision and style. In modern times, the paint often adds a decorative sense to the door frames and skirting boards. In the recent past, people have been using oil-based paints on the skirting boards. However, the painting professionals are quickly switching to the water-based paints. They last longer, dry faster and have fewer odors than the oil-based paints.

DuluxBefore you start painting, ensure you have done the following; First, choose the colour that you prefer for the trims. The most recent state of affairs is that people are running away from the use of white on their skirting boards Perth. They prefer to choose a colour similar or complementary to the colour of paint on the wall. Secondly, there will need to prepare the surface. Consequently, sand all the glossy surfaces and entirely wipe the surface. Afterwards, you can apply a precoat of your choosing such as Dulux 1 StepTM Acrylic Primer Sealer & Undercoat. Thirdly, paint systematically.

The rule is that the ceilings should be painted first, then the walls, the trims, windows, doors, and finally the skirting boards in that order. Fourthly, ensure that you have the right tools to assist you in doing a fantastic painting job! Have tapering brushes (28-35 mm). The best brush is the synthetic filament brush because it does not leave brush marks behind or lose its bristles. Finally, while painting, apply two coats of paint. Start with the first coat. Let it dry before you proceed on to apply the second layer. Then, let the paint dry.

Some of the best Dulux Paints and undercoats that you can use include the following;

Dulux Aquanamel Semi-Gloss

The Dulux Aquanamel Semi-Gloss paint is a water-based paint. Unlike the traditional paints, it has a low odor. It is also tough, non-yellowing, and fast drying. Besides, the paint is easy to wash up.

Dulux Super Enamel High

It is an oil-based paint preferred by some consumers. It is a tough paint which has been used for quite a long time. The paint consists of oil-based interior/exterior high gloss enamel. This paint is highly recommended for skirting boards and door frames located in a high traffic industrial and commercial areas.

When using these paints, the steps that you should follow are below;

Step 1: Paint a coat of primer

Step 2: Go on to apply a coat of Dulux total prep (primer sealer undercoat)

Step 3: Minimum 1 coat of quality Dulux oil-based enamel or Dulux aqua enamel gloss for a fantastic decorative design Once you have painted the door frames and skirting boards, you need to ensure that you give it a fabulous finish. See below some of the best paints for a good finish;

Eggshell 10-25% gloss

The eggshell gloss is perfect for your finishing because of its wash ability and sheen level.

Satin or Pearl 25%-35% gloss

This paint has a reasonable amount of sheen. It is also washable. The satin gloss paint is popular for bathrooms since they have poor ventilation.

Semi-gloss 70-85% gloss

The sheen of a semi-gloss paint beautifully reflects back to a room. It is most suitable for the skirting boards and door frames.

High gloss above 85% gloss

The best paint for skirting boards and door frames are the high gloss paint. It adds not only drama but the impact to the house. Additionally, it contains a supreme wash ability quality. Take note that a finish is as good as the paint used. In any case, you use a poorly chosen paint, the finish will be poor in spite of a good choice of the finish paint. However, the better the quality of the paint the more durable the finish will be.


Cans with colorit will be our pleasure to assist you with any professional advice and assistancecans with colors that you would require regarding the painting of your skirting boards and door frames. At Octopus Skirting & Decorating we can help you in making decisions on the best paints in the market. Furthermore, we could also assist you with painting your skirting boards and door frames.

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