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Our recommendation “How to choose the best paint for your skirting boards and doors”

Our recommendation “How to choose the best paint for your skirting boards and doors”

Skirting Boards and Door Frames paint

Skirting boards, also called baseboards, are usually the wooden boards that cover the interior part of the wall that joins it to the floor.dulux com au Skirting boards protect the wall from furniture, kicks, and abrasion. On the other hand, door frames, as the name suggests are frames onto which the doors of a house are fitted.

Skirting Boards Painting

Painting of the skirting boards and the door frames should be done with precision and style. In modern times, the paint often adds a decorative sense to the door frames and skirting boards. In the recent past, people have been using oil-based paints on the skirting boards. However, the painting professionals are quickly switching to the water-based paints. They last longer, dry faster and have fewer odors than the oil-based paints. Before you start painting, ensure you have done the following; chosing a colorFirst, choose the colour that you prefer for the trims. The most recent state of affairs is that people are running away from the use of white on their skirting boards. They prefer to choose a colour similar or complementary to the colour of paint on the wall. Secondly, there will need to prepare the surface. Consequently, sand all the glossy surfaces and entirely wipe the surface. Afterwards, you can apply a precoat of your choosing such as Dulux 1 StepTM Acrylic Primer Sealer & Undercoat. Thirdly, paint systematically. The rule is that the ceilings should be painted first, then the walls, the trims, windows, doors, and finally the skirting boards in that order. Fourthly, ensure that you have the right tools to assist you in doing a fantastic painting job! Have tapering brushes (28-35 mm). The best brush is the synthetic filament brush because it does not leave brush marks behind or lose its bristles. Finally, while painting, apply two coats of paint. Start with the first coat. Let it dry before you proceed on to apply the second layer. Then, let the paint dry.

Some of the best Dulux Paints and undercoats that you can use include the following;

Dulux Aquanamel Semi-Gloss

The Dulux Aquanamel Semi-Gloss paint is a water-based paint. Unlike the traditional paints, it has a low odor. It is also tough, non-yellowing, and fast drying. Besides, the paint is easy to wash up.

Dulux Super Enamel High

It is an oil-based paint preferred by some consumers. It is a tough paint which has been used for quite a long time. The paint consists of oil-based interior/exterior high gloss enamel. This paint is highly recommended for skirting boards and door frames located in a high traffic industrial and commercial areas. When using these paints, the steps that you should follow are below; Step 1: Paint a coat of primer Step 2: Go on to apply a coat of Dulux total prep (primer sealer undercoat) Step 3: Minimum 1 coat of quality Dulux oil-based enamel or Dulux aqua enamel gloss for a fantastic decorative design Once you have painted the door frames and skirting boards, you need to ensure that you give it a fabulous finish. See below some of the best paints for a good finish;

Eggshell 10-25% gloss

The eggshell gloss is perfect for your finishing because of its wash ability and sheen level.

Satin or Pearl 25%-35% gloss

This paint has a reasonable amount of sheen. It is also washable. The satin gloss paint is popular for bathrooms since they have poor ventilation.

Semi-gloss 70-85% gloss

The sheen of a semi-gloss paint beautifully reflects back to a room. It is most suitable for the skirting boards and door frames.

High gloss above 85% gloss

The best paint for skirting boards and door frames are the high gloss paint. It adds not only drama but the impact to the house. Additionally, it contains a supreme wash ability quality. Take note that a finish is as good as the paint used. In any case, you use a poorly chosen paint, the finish will be poor in spite of a good choice of the finish paint. However, the better the quality of the paint the more durable the finish will be.


it will be our pleasure to assist you with any professional advice and assistancecans with colors that you would require regarding the painting of your skirting boards and door frames. At Octopus Skirting Boards we can help you in making decisions on the best paints in the market. Furthermore, we could also assist you with painting your skirting boards and door frames. Kindly contact us today to get a free quote!
Ogee MDF Skirting Board profile

Ogee MDF Skirting Board profile

MDF Ogee Skirting Board

Ogee profile

Baseboards With Various Profiles Standing On Hardwood Surface

Baseboards with various profiles standing on hardwood surface.

The MDF Ogee Skirting board is based on a time-honored architecture and is a popular choice in modern interiors as well as traditional ones. An S profile defines it with a double curve having both a concave and a convex curve. Its design offers beautiful taste while also being able to blend unobtrusively in minimalistic or modern interior settings.

Curving MDF board

The Ogee skirting board is considered a favorite in the industry due to its distinct curving profile and versatility when applied to various types of interior. It is relatively simple style, and elegance is an appropriate fit for a baseboard and is well-suited for virtually any finish. Ogee skirting boards accentuate a wide variety of floor and wall colors and are an ideal match for many types of furniture and architectural designs.

Choosing Ogee profile

This skirting board profile is a choice complement to both skirting board and architrave making it a popular choice as a full interior molding. Ogee skirting boards with MDF composition have the advantage of maintaining shape and condition for long periods of time while protecting walls from damage and offering a graceful transition between walls and floors. Choosing MDF for this particular profile prevents cracks and splinters along its curved features which may occur when molded with other types of materials such as timber and pine.

Excellent choice for your Home

White Kitchen Room Interior With Marble Counter Top

Open floor plan. White kitchen room interior with marble countertop and hardwood floor.

The Ogee design contrasts look a nicely when finished with colors dissimilar of floors in the desire to create a bold yet appropriate effect. They are an excellent choice for matching floor colors reflectively and provide a fitting appearance for various types of floor designs. The Ogee skirting board profile blends attractively with carpets and rugs whether the interior is modern, minimalistic or traditional and stylish.


The MDF Ogee Skirting board is an appropriate choice for many settings and decorations which make it a very popular skirting board profile throughout various architectures and interior designs.   Contact Us today and get a free assessment and quote for professional services!
Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Board profile

Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Board profile

MDF Lambs Tongue Skirting Boards

Lambs Tongue

Lambs Tongue 92mm MDF skirting boardA classic profile that we meet in households and public buildings, Lambs Tongue Skirting boards can go through our sight field, not to be noticed. However, it is not because of their capability to disappear in such a moment, but we get used that down there is that shape. Lambs Tongue Skirting boards is a profile that we somehow know. Title Lambs Tongue it gets because of delicate rounding profile that reminds on lambs organ for protruding. However, if we consider its figurative meaning, then there is the possibility that we will go out of our subject of discussion. As an ancient symbol of purity that was approaching us to deities, on the similar way in moderns and old religions, lambs tongue could have a meaning, literally to speak God’s language.

About Lambs Tongue Skirting Boards

There are many suppliers who offer different dimensions and variations of such an MDF board. If we are trying to match skirting boards with interior design, it is better to order samples. It is usually free and can save our nerves. There is also the possibility to order unfinished skirting boards that are allowing you to finalise them so you can make them unique in harmony with interior design.

Painting Lambs Tongue profile

Lambs Tongue 67mmSo if you decide to paint it on your own, to get the best results, you will have to prepare it. The usual procedure is first to sand edges that are cut off, to make them smooth. After that, we supposed to apply the primer on the side and all along. We will have to wait to get dry, and you have to check for how long. It depends on a manufacturer. When it is dry well, you have to sand it until it becomes smooth. Moreover, now, there are two possibilities: to apply primer one more time, before painting, or to colour them twice.     Contact Us today and get a free assessment and quote for professional services!
How to Choose the Best Skirting Boards for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Skirting Boards for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Skirting Boards for Your Home

Skirting Boards With Various Profiles

Skirting Boards With Various Profiles

It is time to remodel your home – what type of upgrades will you make? Decorating your home can be fun for some and a chore for others. It is all about how much detail you decide to put into your renovation.

One area of your home you can upgrade is the skirting boards. These run all throughout most properties and can be easily upgraded and painted.

You can do this for your kitchen, bedrooms, living areas and anywhere else you have walls. It’s the perfect way to spruce up your home decor without going overboard with the spending.

Home design is all about the detail and craftsmanship. So it’s key to find a manufacturer that supplies high-quality skirting boards.

In the following guide, we’ll cover some tips and ideas for your skirting board updates. Let’s dive in.

Updating Your Home with Skirting Boards

You’ll find a lot of homes with kitchens, bedrooms and living areas that have skirting boards. Now, whether they’re classy or bland is another story. If you are looking to switch out the boards in your house, however with style and functionality, then you’ll have to answer the following.

Who Lives in Your Home?

Family Photo 3D rendering

Family Photo 3D rendering

In other words, do you have children who may scuff up your skirting boards with their crayons and toys? Or do you live alone (or with a significant other) and have a kitchen that’s more of a showroom than a snack room?

Now, it’s common for homeowners to desire all of the aesthetically-appealing improvements that can transform their kitchen into a culinary abode. However it’s important to be realistic – otherwise, you’ll end up miserably disappointed.

Why go all out to purchase a top-of-the-line skirting board in a home where your child or puppy will ruin it within a few months? It’s not logical, economically or functionally.

Instead, you should opt for something simpler, so you won’t mind replacing them within a year. You can still switch up the look to give your home a refreshing design.

What Look Are You Going for?

Next, it’s time to step back and look at the overall design of your home. Are you going for something simple, elegant or eccentric? This will help you determine the type of skirting board to purchase and the colours to paint it.

Some homeowners are only looking to update what they already have, while others want a design overhaul. If you’re in the latter group, then you’ll have to consider a couple of things.

The Style You Want

If you want the very same style you already have, you can save the board you removed and use that to match it with the new one.

However, if you’re doing a design redo, then you’ll need to follow style guidelines. For example, if you live in a period-style home, then it’s better to go with skirting styles like ogee, ovolo, and torus.

And if you’re in a modern home, then sleek interior designs are prominent. This makes the square-edged, bullnose, pencil round and chamfered options better choices.

The Height of the Skirting

Dining room in luxury home with Skirting Boards and wall boards

Dining room in luxury home with Skirting Boards and wall boards

It’s important to get this right so you don’t end up with over-sized or undersized skirting boards. And the look you want will also play a role in the height you select.

Are you using your skirting as kicking barriers for a high-traffic home? If so, then you’ll need skirting that’s taller to protect your paint or wallpaper.

It’s also recommended that you use high skirting in older homes – the older, the higher. On average, skirting board heights in Georgian and Victorian homes are around 225mm. This comes off as more lavish and extravagant.

However, if the style you’re applying your boards to is modern, then sleek is key. Opt for skirting that’s around 125mm.

Will You Paint – Or Not?

Tree white brushes with blue can of paint

Tree white brushes with blue can of paint

The final finish of your skirting boards will play a key part in your home’s decor. You’ll have to decide whether you want to paint them or not. If your home requires white boards, then you may not have to paint them.

Unless, of course, the white is a little bit different than the rest of the room they’re in.

However, if you decide to paint your boards, then you’ll need to do so carefully. If you’re not experienced in painting, then it may be best to hire painting services that specialise in skirting boards.

Either way, you’ll have to decide whether you want neutral colours or something more vibrant. A nice contrast can also set apart your decor. For example, you can opt for bright walls with dark skirting or vice versa.

It’s common for homeowners to use lighter colours on larger room elements. This gives the area a more spacious feel. For instance, this vibes well in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Types of Skirting to Consider

The great news is there are many options to choose from for your skirting boards. Let’s review some of them:

  • MDF Skirting: This is pre-primed or pre-finished and resistant to warping and swelling.
  • Softwood Skirting: Can be stained, varnished, sanded and refinished for a natural look.
  • Hardwood Skirting: Elegant appeal suitable for historic homes with oak decor.

Then for the edge profiles, you can opt for: antique, bevelled, bullnose, classic, domed, Georgian, elegance, Elizabethan, castle, Buckingham, Delmoral, Colonial and a variety of others.

You can visit local showrooms to see the various styles and profiles in person. Some dealers will even create 3D models, so you can see how the skirting board will look in your home.

Get Quality Installation and Painting Services

You’ve finally found and purchased the skirting board you want in your home. Now, it’s time to install them. But unless you’re a DIY pro, you’ll need the quality craftsmanship of an experienced installer.

At Octopus Skirting Boards, we offer professional installations. Moreover if you would like to have the skirting painted, we can do this for you as well.

Every homeowner wants an end result that’s professional and high-quality. You can get that with your skirting board makeover. Contact us today to get a free quote!


Colonial Skirting Board Profile

Colonial Skirting Board Profile

Colonial Skirting Boards

Colonial Design Today

WA ColonialWe can better describe Colonial design today if we use some of the historical references that are significant for its development. Originally, it was the term used for the architectural design during the European settlement in late 18th and the first half of the 19th century. That period started with tents, prefabricated Governor House, Government Store, houses built by the influence of British military architecture and some of the neoclassicist buildings with Greek and Egyptians motives…
Builders that learned in England and Europe to apply classic proportions had an expected impact on the formation of criteria of the colonisers. Some of the buildings looked like they transposed from Gregorian England in the Australian Bush. Here began the development of the self-conscious design that grew within the framework of the European tradition.
If we are taking over some of the conceptual solutions that were usual for that period, today, then we are using neocolonial style, and we opted for Colonial Skirting Boards.

Choosing Colonial Skirting Boards


Because of Colonial style is the historical fact that is present in the homes of ancestors, at least in some of the fragments, a colonial design still has emotional connotations. That’s answer why are Colonial Skirting Boards so often choice when arranging living space – the place that reflects us.



Renovation of our living space is a challenge because we have to live in it. If we made the wrong choice or if we didn’t carefully consider  it, we can make double expenses. So, better to think about it!
There are several situations in which the use of Colonial Skirting Boards is more than desirable: renovation of a neocolonial style property and implementation in modern, minimalistic with colonial skiritng

Neocolonial House


Neocolonial Houses has a modern, eclectic design that corresponds to colonial forms. The main characteristic and impression of such a space are a sense of an old luxury implemented by modern technology. The absence of any element that enables ambient of colonial style can disturb the whole interior. So, if we are making a renovation, we have to pick Colonial Skirting Boards inappropriate Colour.



Sometimes, arranging for minimalistic interiors could be difficult because it seems that our living space becomes functional but with the aesthetic shortcomings, somehow cold and sterile. This is the moment to think about interpolations, how to make space much more playful. Colonial Profile could be a logical commitment for the interpolation, and Colonial Skirting Boards could discreetly reflect our intent.


Contact Us today and get a free assessment and quote for professional services!

MDF Skirting Boards

MDF Skirting Boards


What is MDF Skirting Board


White Skirting Board-Octopus Skirting Perth WA

Are decorative and a protective wooden board consisting of manufactured wooden material. It is created by blending the wood fibers of deconstructed hardwood and softwood with wax and resin binders. Then shaping the product into panels with the application of high pressure and temperature.

Skirting boards are used as a cover and decorative attachment that links the lowest part of the interior wall with the floor, covering the uneven edges where the floor meets the wall. They also serve to protect the lowest part of the wall from damage caused by impact and scraping.

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. Medium-density refers to the particular grade of density found in MDF in regard to the variation of densities found in fiberboard. MDF boards tend to be denser than plywood and be much denser and stronger than particle board making MDF a good choice for a protective application.

Thanks to the manufacturing process, MDF skirting boards are designed to be free of knots and rings found in natural woods and as a result, have a much smoother and uniform surface. This makes cutting, shaping and the service of MDF boards more reliable than many natural kinds of wood. The hard and flat surface is perfect for veneering thanks to the lack of imperfections and subsurface grain that tends to project through the thin veneer as in the case of plywood.

Skirting boards constructed with MDF are consistent in strength and density throughout, with uniform properties in all directions which prevent splitting and cracking during installation and use. The design and construction also grant stable size and measurements because it will not expand or contract as is the case of natural wood.

MDF skirting boards are the ideal choice as a protective and decorative baseboard and provide a durable protective layer for your wall and are designed for stylish shaping and decoration as well as a smooth and easy finish.

Contact Us today and get a free assessment and quote for professional services!


Cleaning Skirting Boards

Cleaning Skirting Boards

Cleaning Skirting Boards


Hidden impurity in Skirting Boards


Cleaning Skirting Board

Cleaning Skirting Board

Because of their concealed position among larger surfaces, skirting boards sometimes could be forgotten. They are on the edge of the floor, perfect for attracting dust and other impurities. When we do notice them, we somehow feel that skirting boards are another story. However, they are not, they are just as noticeable. When they are clean, they refresh the space and make it much lighter.

So, we have to decide to do some form of cleaning to free our space of dust, stains, Grimes and micro-organisms. That kind of labour could be involved, but if it becomes routine, then it is much easier to maintain skirting boards.


At the start, it is useful to free the working space of any furniture, so you can quickly, without obstacles reach all places. When you are done, take few minutes, you are at home.


Dust to Dust


If skirting boards are just dusty, you could use some electrical brushes or vacuum cleaner. However, often it is not enough. So, we have to prepare warm water and mix mild detergent or non-abrasive cleaner.  After you make a warm soapy mixture, dip the cloth in it, and then squeeze it and then double it. Apply gentle pressure and slide the fabric along skirting boards until you get rid of the dirt. Repeat this step until you become satisfied with your work. To get all grooves on the skirting boards, use your index finger and the cloth. When the cloth gets dirty, just wash it, and go on. If you have used too much soap, you have to wipe it with a cloth and clean water.Leave it to dry or dry it with a clean, dry cloth.


Problematic Stains


Variety Of Cleaning Supplies In A Basket

Variety Of Cleaning Supplies In A Basket

For questionable stains, there is an old medium that is present in almost every household – vinegar. Mix some vinegar with warm water and apply the above procedure. The required Concentration of vinegar will depend on how difficult the stain is. If it is tough, then you have to add more.

There are also some commercial solutions available. You can also use a polish that will not harm your skirting boards or a steam cleaner with the appropriate extension.


Moreover, the most efficient,




As a well-known general purpose cleaner, and especially since a disinfectant, we can use Methylated spirits. Usually, it is ethanol and methanol mixed. This mixture is flammable; it is dangerous if is ingested or inhalator and it will dry the skin. However, it is, also, a most efficient cleaner for skirting boards.

Accordingly, we need to wear protective gloves and mask and keep Methylated spirits on the highest shelf, out of the kitchen area. Then we can apply a similar procedure to above –  Slide a doubled cloth lightly soaked with Methylated spirits along skirting boards.





Contact Us today and get a free assessment and quote for professional services!

Skirting boards profiles

Skirting boards profiles

Choosing the Right Skirting Board Profile

Skirting boards profiles


Dining room with Skirting Boards

Dining room with Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are a protective cover linking the wall to the floor but can also be defining decorations in your home that aesthetically match or contrast the levels and accentuate your furniture and living space. For this reason choosing the right skirting board profile is a major factor when installing new floors or replacing your old floors or skirting boards.


The Perfect Profile


While the colors of your skirting boards should either match or distinctly contrast your floors, the entire pattern should express and emphasize the interior structure and design of your home. The ideal choice of skirting board will reflect furniture, decoration, and architecture.


Types of Profiles


Since there are so many ways to design your home, it is fitting that there be many different types of MDF board profiles to choose. Profiles such as Ogee, Bevelled and Torus are good choices if you are looking for a simple design with a clean finish. If the design of your home reflects a historical period, there are plenty of decorative profiles to choose from that will spotlight your interior. Profiles such as Colonial, WA Colonial, NSW Colonial, QLD Colonial, Australian Colonial and Traditional Victorian are all great choices to reflect your particular taste and design.

Guests bedroom with Skirting Boards

Guests bedroom with Skirting Boards


Depending on your choice of design and liking many other profile types may be a perfect fit to your interior. Profiles such as Bullnose, WA Single Bullnose, WA Double Bullnose Square Dressed, Pencil Round and Double Pencil Round are good choices for a minimalistic interior or low-impact skirting board design. Profiles such as Lambs Tongue, Half Splayed, Replica, Nosing, and Federation are all great fits for a modern interior and design.



Choose the perfect skirting board for your floors and interior by narrowing down your choices to reflect the period, furniture and character of your home then choose the one which fits your taste when examined in comparison to your interior and other skirting boards.

Please check our gallery and choose the right skirting board for your home, office or any other living space.

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