Cleaning Skirting Boards

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Hidden impurity in Skirting Boards

Keep them always clean

Because of their concealed position among larger surfaces, skirting boards sometimes could be forgotten. They are on the edge of the floor, perfect for attracting dust and other impurities or bathrooms. When we do notice them, we somehow feel that skirting boards are another story. However, they are not, they are just as noticeable. When they are clean, they refresh the space and make it much lighter.

Variety-Of-Cleaning-SuppliesSo, we have to decide to do some form of cleaning to free our space of dust, stains, Grimes and micro-organisms. That kind of labour could be involved, but if it becomes routine, then it is much easier to clean skirting boards.

At the start, it is useful to free the working space of any furniture, so you can quickly, without obstacles reach all places. When you are done, take few minutes, you are at home.

Dust to Dust

If skirting boards are just dusty, you could use some electrical brushes or vacuum cleaner. However, often it is not enough. So, we have to prepare warm water and mix mild detergent or non-abrasive cleaner.  After you make a warm soapy mixture, dip the cloth in it, and then squeeze it and then double it. Apply gentle pressure and slide the fabric along skirting boards until you get rid of the dirt. Repeat this step until you become satisfied with your work. To get all grooves on the skirting boards, use your index finger and the cloth. When the cloth gets dirty, just wash it, and go on. If you have used too much soap, you have to wipe it with a cloth and clean water.Leave it to dry or dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Problematic Stains

methyl-spiritFor questionable stains, there is an old medium that is present in almost every household – vinegar. Mix some vinegar with warm water and apply the above procedure. The required Concentration of vinegar will depend on how difficult the stain is. If it is tough, then you have to add more.

There are also some commercial solutions available. You can also use a polish that will not harm your skirting boards or a steam cleaner with the appropriate extension.

Moreover, the most efficient,

As a well-known general purpose cleaner, and especially since a disinfectant, we can use Methylated spirits. Usually, it is ethanol and methanol mixed. This mixture is flammable; it is dangerous if is ingested or inhalator and it will dry the skin. However, it is, also, a most efficient cleaner for skirting boards.

Accordingly, we need to wear protective gloves and mask and keep Methylated spirits on the highest shelf, out of the kitchen area. Then we can apply a similar procedure to above –  Slide a doubled cloth lightly soaked with Methylated spirits along skirting boards.

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