How Important are Skirting Boards in Flooring?

Skirting boards and flooring

In architecture, skirting boards are wood or vinyl boards designed to cover the lowest part of the interior wall. The boards are nailed, screwed, or glued to the wall. They are also known as floor skirting, or baseboards.

What Is The Purpose Of Skirting Boards?

We were always so used to seeing it that we never gave much thought. Skirting boards installation Perth have functional and aesthetic purposes that may not be obvious at first. In more ways than one, they are essential to interior home design.

Protects The Walls

Fitting skirting board with flooring Installing skirting boards provides a protective barrier between the wall and furniture. Without it, the walls are prone to get banged, marked, and scratched.

Skirting boards also serve as a barrier against wet mops. Using a damp mop in a home without protection may leak water into the gaps, causing water damage and ugly wet patches.

Closes The Gap Between the Flooring & Wall

When the home’s flooring is installed, a small space is left to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the floor. These intentional gaps are covered by skirting to prevent water or debris from seeping in.

Adds To The Interior Design

Skirting boards can add personality to an otherwise barren wall. They come in a wide range of colours, materials, and styles that can highlight and brighten up the home.


What the skirting board is made out of will determine how it is installed, how long before it needs to be replaced, and how well it will go with the rest of the home.


Installing corner skirting boardVinyl or plastic skirting boards are flexible and are commonly glued to the wall. They come in rolls, and the adhesive makes it difficult to remove or replace. However, they have a longer lifespan.

If the room is not a standard shape, or if the wall is uneven, it can be easily remedied by using vinyl due to its flexibility.


Wood skirting is traditional and come in lengths. To install, it requires nails or screws, but it is easier to remove compared to its vinyl counterpart.


The profile of a skirting board refers to its decorative shape and style. Historically, the skirting board matches the home, but now home designers can be creative.

Boards can be as standard as a round-over cut, or as elaborate as a Victorian design. Minimalistic designs are more compatible with modern or contemporary-style homes. Traditional homes are more suited for highly detailed profiles.


Mesuring skirting boardsSkirting is typically no more than 0.2m high, about the height of our ankles. Heights will vary according to many factors, such as obstacles like radiator pipes and plug sockets.

Skirting sizes are often dictated by how large the house is. If the home is enormous, heights are often 250mm or more. When selecting sizes, taller skirtings should be accompanied by more details.

The thickness of the skirting boards is also necessary to consider. Thinner boards are lighter and easier to install. On the other hand, thicker skirts allow for more detailed profiles – but it takes up more floor space.


Skirting boards are an essential step to furnishing a home. Its importance goes beyond wall protection. With the right profile and colour, it can add a finishing touch to a home’s design.


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