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Mandurah Western Australia

Mandurah City

Beautiful skyline of MandurahMandurah is a city located on the Western Australian coastlines. After Perth, it is the largest city in Australia. The residential area is south of Perth Central Business District, and neighbouring other cities such as Bunbury, Kwinana and Rockingham. Many wonderful suburbs in-between Mandurah and Rockingham include the following; Meadow Springs, Lakelands, Parklands, Madora Bay, Stake Hill, Parklands, Singleton, Golden Bay, Karnup, Secret Harbour, Port Kennedy, Warnbro, Waikiki, Safety Bay, Baldivis, Hillman and Cooloongup.
The name “Mandurah” comes from the Noongar word “Mandjar”, which means meeting or trading place. Most likely due to mispronunciation, the word became Mandurah.
Mandurah’s population, from the last census is 82, 294 people and the city covers an area of 106.6 km2 resulting in a population density of 781.4 people per km2. Furthermore, it is a part of the Peel Region.

History of Mandurah

Until the 1950s and 1960s had past, the town was only a small fishing village, where the fishing activities made the town famous. It drew the attention of Perth retirees who opted to settle in the developing city.
The small city became a lifestyle alternative for Perth Retirees and the suburb continued growing steadily. Consequently, the Parry Corporation came to the town and built a 1000-hectare suburb.
Today, the living standard of Mandurah has developed commendably. According to a housing affordability survey conducted in 227 countries in the year 2008, the area was ranked as the least affordable city in Australia.

The Topography of Mandurah

I love AustraliaMandurah City receives a large supply of water from Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary, both of these rivers feed into the Indian Ocean. The Harvey Estuary’s measures as twice in size of the famous Sydney Harbour.
The area lies on the dune systems which are a characteristic of most South Western WA’s coastlines.
The soil found on the land of the city is sandy. Hence, the inhabitants are unable to engage fully in the agriculture. The reason for this is that sandy soil has minimal water retention capacity.

The Media Houses in Mandurah

The administrators of Mandurah allow the media to have freedom to broadcast news to Australians living in the urban area.
There are various free-to-air digital networks in Mandurah, which are networks that have their major stations in either Perth or other cities in Southern Australia. The networks include ABC, SBS, Nine, Ten, SDW, Seven, WIN, and SSW.

Yalgorup National Park

Mandurah is the only city located near Yalgorup Park. As a result, tourists have the opportunity to visit this park which holds thousands of species of fauna and flora.
Yalgorup National Park is famed for being a location of the modern day thrombolites.

Famous people who were born in Mandurah

Flag of Western AustraliaOne of the well-known football commentators, Brian Taylor was born in Mandurah. Another popular individual is Daniel Wells who is the Collingwood Magpies Player and the Fremantle Dockers player Hayden Ballantyne was also born in Mandurah. Further emphasising the fact that Mandurah is the home of the Peel Thunder Football Club.

Tourist destinations

Most of the tourist destinations, are places that were built over 100 years ago; including Cooper’s Mill, Christ’s Church, Peel’s House Site, Uniting Church (previously Methodist Church), Brighton Hotel, and Hall’s Cottage.
Tourists enjoy visiting the town during festive seasons such as Christmas when the canal areas of the town are full of Christmas Lights and houses are decorated to their best. People are entertained with the ferry ride around the area to experience a variety of amazing light decorations.
Another season appreciated by many is the New Year’s Eve residents light fireworks and the different exciting carnivals which have a beautiful sights to watch and a great experience with family.

The Economy

The major economic activity in Mandurah includes tourism, retail and manufacturing/construction. On a small scale, the some residents engage in mining and agricultural businesses.
The city mines bauxite and purifies aluminium. In fact, its Huntly Mine found in Pinjarra happens to be the largest bauxite mine in the whole world. The mine produces a massive amount of benefits regarding salaries and wages for the community.

The Climate

Mandurah in western AustraliaMandurah has a Mediterranean Climate which is characterised by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.
The summers run from December to February. They experience a minimum average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and the maximum average temperature is usually 27 degrees. Summers sometimes have very extreme temperatures which may go up to 40 degrees Celsius.
Regarding winter, the minimum and maximum average temperatures respectively are 9 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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