Why You Should Choose MDF Skirting Boards Over Softwood?



Skirting boards

Long skirting boards on the stairsSkirting can be installed in a variety of materials, and this can affect the feel and look of the finished product. Wood comes in different types, such as softwoods like pine, and hardwoods, such as oak.

However, MDF is the most popular choice for MDF skirting boards Perth. And why is that? Let’s take a look at some comparisons.

What is MDF skirting boards?

MDF is a man-made material, and it means Medium Density Fibreboard.

This is made of many materials, including softwood fibres and recycled materials. They are all compressed in a crusher to form a wooden board. It comes in different types of densities, according to how many fibres are involved in the process.

Why is MDF Excellent for Skirting boards?

MDF is a fantastic option for many reasons. Unlike softwoods, this material is free of knots and imperfections, which means that it requires less time to prepare and install.

All it needs for preparation is sanding for smoothness and priming for the paint. Besides skirting, Medium Density Fibres can be used for toys, furniture, and many other things.

Another benefit of using this material is that you can accommodate it to any height you want your skirting boards. The altitude ranges from 70 millimetres to 400 millimetres, but it can be below or above these measurements if you wish.

Comparing MDF to Softwoods

We’ve seen the benefits of using MDF, but why is it a better choice than softwoods?


Needless to say, it is a lot cheaper than wood, so it is a great option to keep the prices low. Softwoods are harder to manufacture and prepare, unlike MDF that is easy to produce and install. For any size skirting board, MDF will always come out cheaper.


White MDF skirting boardWe’ve all experienced that wood can leave furries all around if it is used in a long period of time. With MDF, you don’t experience any furries in the home. This can be very useful if someone in the household suffers from allergies as other woods can provoke sneezing.

Creative Limitations

Using softwoods can limit your creative design; it comes only in sizes ranging from 69 millimetres to 219 millimetres. Unlike MDF, that adapts to any size you want, making it a very flexible material to work with.

Resistant Qualities

Pine is an excellent choice for skirting, but it isn’t as water-resistant or as sturdy as MDF. If you want a high-quality material that will last for a long time, MDF is the smartest option.


Softwoods, being a natural material made of trees, can come with various defects such as knots, cracks, and deformities from the tree itself. On the other hand, MDF is a man-made material, which means that it has fewer imperfections usually found in natural materials making for a smarter finish.

Final Thoughts

MDF is vastly recommended, even more than softwoods, due to the easiness to deal with, it is cost-effective for a lot of homeowners, and it is quicker to produce than softwoods.

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