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What are MDF Skirting Boards

MDF skirting boards are decorative and a protective wooden board consisting of manufactured wooden material. It is created by blending the wood fibers of deconstructed hardwood and softwood with wax and resin binders. Then shaping the product into panels with the application of high pressure and temperature.

White-Skirting-Board-Octopus-Skirting-Perth-WASkirting boards are used as a cover and decorative attachment that links the lowest part of the interior wall with the floor, covering the uneven edges where the floor meets the wall. They also serve to protect the lowest part of the wall from damage caused by impact and scraping.

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. Medium-density refers to the particular grade of density found in MDF in regard to the variation of densities found in fiberboard. MDF boards tend to be denser than plywood and be much denser and stronger than particle board making MDF a good choice for a protective application.

Thanks to the manufacturing process, MDF skirting boards are designed to be free of knots and rings found in natural woods and as a result, have a much smoother and uniform surface. This makes cutting, shaping and the service of MDF boards more reliable than many natural kinds of wood. The hard and flat surface is perfect for veneering thanks to the lack of imperfections and subsurface grain that tends to project through the thin veneer as in the case of plywood.

Skirting boards constructed with MDF are consistent in strength and density throughout, with uniform properties in all directions which prevent splitting and cracking during installation and use. The design and construction also grant stable size and measurements because it will not expand or contract as is the case of natural wood.

MDF skirting boards are the ideal choice as a protective and decorative baseboard and provide a durable protective layer for your wall and are designed for stylish shaping and decoration as well as a smooth and easy finish.

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