MDF Ogee Skirting Board

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Ogee Profile

The MDF Ogee Skirting board is based on a time-honored architecture and is a popular choice in modern interiors as well as traditional ones. An S profile defines it with a double curve having both a concave and a convex curve. Its design offers beautiful taste while also being able to blend unobtrusively in minimalistic or modern interior settings.

Curving MDF board

Ogee skirting boards in hallwayThe Ogee skirting board is considered a favorite in the industry due to its distinct curving profile and versatility when applied to various types of interior. It is relatively simple style, and elegance is an appropriate fit for a baseboard and is well-suited for virtually any finish. Ogee skirting boards accentuate a wide variety of floor and wall colors and are an ideal match for many types of furniture and architectural designs.

Choosing Ogee profile

This skirting board profile is a choice complement to both skirting board and architrave making it a popular choice as a full interior molding. Ogee skirting boards with MDF composition have the advantage of maintaining shape and condition for long periods of time while protecting walls from damage and offering a graceful transition between walls and floors. Choosing MDF for this particular profile prevents cracks and splinters along its curved features which may occur when molded with other types of materials such as timber and pine.

Excellent choice for your Home

Skirting Boards PerthThe Ogee design contrasts look a nicely when finished with colors dissimilar of floors in the desire to create a bold yet appropriate effect. They are an excellent choice for matching floor colors reflectively and provide a fitting appearance for various types of floor designs. The Ogee skirting board profile blends attractively with carpets and rugs whether the interior is modern, minimalistic or traditional and stylish.


The MDF Ogee Skirting board is an appropriate choice for many settings and decorations which make it a very popular skirting board profile throughout various architectures and interior designs.

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