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The city of Rockingham

Happy Woman With Open Arms Looking Rainbow Sea Container In FremThe city of Rockingham is located in Australia. More specifically, the city is found south-west of the capital and one of the largest city in Australia called Perth. Rockingham is popular for its tourism attraction sites especially the Mangles Bay.
Rockingham City is surrounded by other wonderful cities such as Fremantle, Mandurah, Kwinana, and Armadale. Many suburbs that lie in-between Rockingham and Mandurah include; Meadow Springs, Lakelands, Parklands, Madora Bay, Stake Hill, Parklands, Singleton, Golden Bay, Karnup, Secret Harbour, Port Kennedy, Warnbro, Waikiki, Safety Bay, Baldivis, Hillman and Cooloongup.
The population of Rockingham is slightly over 14,000 people since it covers an area of 14.7 km2, its population density is 963 per km2.

The origin of the name “Rockingham City.”

Did you know that Rockingham was ship’s name? Yes, it was! Rockingham was one of the three ships that transported settlers to Western Australia. The other two ships were the Hooghly and the Gilmore. The ships were possessions of Thomas Peel.
The word Rockingham City originates from a ship name, since one of the three ships that transported settlers to Western Australia was named Rockingham.
Eventually, the ship was blown ashore and abandoned after unsuccessful attempts to set her to sail. Settlers camped near the shipwreck and called their dwelling “Rockingham Town.”

Topography and Unique Wildlife at its Coastline

Kangaroo on the beach at Lucky BayRockingham City has a flat terrain, with coastal vegetation adorned with sandy soils.
It is a great place to go for your holidays. Part of the holiday package that you will definitely enjoy is sightseeing rare wildlife such as penguins, seabirds, dolphins, pelicans, and sea lions. You may accomplish a dream to insight a beautiful view of different sea life.
A well-known tourist attraction is Penguin Island, which is the home to the smallest penguins in the world.

Rockingham Wineries, a part of the Peel Wine Region

There are both local and national award-winning wineries in Rockingham City. Hence, the fact that visiting the town allows you to experience a rare opportunity of tasting many wine flavours.

Lake Cooloongup

Rockingham has a natural saline lake called Lake Cooloongup. The water that forms the lake is entirely from the rainfalls and underneath water sources.

Notable Sights

Catalpa memorial is one of the notable sights in Rockingham City. It was constructed as a commemoration of the Catalpa Rescue. The rescue was an escape of some six Irish Fenian convicts.
The convicts had been confined at the Fremantle Prison. They escaped from the jail between 17th and 18th April 1876.
Another notable sight is the Naval Memorial Park. Its location is opposite from the famous ‘Her Majesty’s Australian Ship’ Stirling.

The Media

The Rockingham City Perth receives news from two local newspapers namely The Sound Telegraph and The Weekend Couriers.
Besides the newspapers, the city’s local station is found on the 104.1 Rock FM, also including an online radio station which operates for 24 hours. Additionally, the city’s social media network is called Stickam.

Sports and Recreation in Rockingham

perth city pin on the mapRockingham City is home to a team of players by the name Rockingham Rams which is part of the Peel Football League.
The other teams whose home is Rockingham are Rockingham Flames (Basketball), Football West State League (Rugby), and the Rockingham Coastal Sharks

Sister Cities of Rockingham

The city has two sister cities called Akö and Kota Kinabalu. The relationship of Rockingham and Akö is based on exchange programs between the countries.
On the contrary, Rockingham’s relationship with Kota Kinabalu is a friendly one. Their friendship enables them to engage in bilateral trade between their countries.

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