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Choosing the Right Skirting Board Profile

Skirting boards profiles


Dining room with Skirting Boards

Dining room with Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are a protective cover linking the wall to the floor but can also be defining decorations in your home that aesthetically match or contrast the levels and accentuate your furniture and living space. For this reason choosing the right skirting board profile is a major factor when installing new floors or replacing your old floors or skirting boards.


The Perfect Profile


While the colors of your skirting boards should either match or distinctly contrast your floors, the entire pattern should express and emphasize the interior structure and design of your home. The ideal choice of skirting board will reflect furniture, decoration, and architecture.


Types of Profiles


Since there are so many ways to design your home, it is fitting that there be many different types of MDF board profiles to choose. Profiles such as Ogee, Bevelled and Torus are good choices if you are looking for a simple design with a clean finish. If the design of your home reflects a historical period, there are plenty of decorative profiles to choose from that will spotlight your interior. Profiles such as Colonial, WA Colonial, NSW Colonial, QLD Colonial, Australian Colonial and Traditional Victorian are all great choices to reflect your particular taste and design.

Guests bedroom with Skirting Boards

Guests bedroom with Skirting Boards


Depending on your choice of design and liking many other profile types may be a perfect fit to your interior. Profiles such as Bullnose, WA Single Bullnose, WA Double Bullnose Square Dressed, Pencil Round and Double Pencil Round are good choices for a minimalistic interior or low-impact skirting board design. Profiles such as Lambs Tongue, Half Splayed, Replica, Nosing, and Federation are all great fits for a modern interior and design.



Choose the perfect skirting board for your floors and interior by narrowing down your choices to reflect the period, furniture and character of your home then choose the one which fits your taste when examined in comparison to your interior and other skirting boards.

Please check our gallery and choose the right skirting board for your home, office or any other living space.

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